Hi! Welcome to Feather and Sparrow, where I aim to fill you in all my creative wanderings, fashion finds and hopefully inspire you to share my passion for fashion design, couture and the art of sewing and slow fashion along the way. I live in Melbourne with my husband, Matt and two Siamese cats. I'm inspired daily by a love of beauty, romance, fashion, art and whimsy. Feather and Sparrow was born out of a love of unique, contemporary design, vintage clothing and creating beautiful, handmade garments with care and quality craftsmanship. Thanks for following the journey with me!!

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The Dress That Started It All...

The Dress That Started It All...


'Beginning as I do at the beginning, and starting as I must at the start, let me show you fate through the round of this ring...'

– ‘Sapsorrow', Jim Henson’s The Storyteller.

For anyone who is a fan of Jim Henson and is old enough to remember this well known and loved children’s TV series, you will know that it is an absolute CLASSIC and growing up with my brother and sister we seemed to have a healthy appetite for this series on repeat! In fact, my dad was the biggest fan of all whose favourite episode was always (and still is) ‘The Soldier and Death. Read More'


Racing Red Lace Dress


So initially, I intended to make this dress for the Tessuti ‘Cut-out Lace’ Sewing competition but I got so caught up in the design and patternmaking process that I lost track of time and missed the due date. Oops! but confusion and disappointment aside, it gave me a chance to be really honest about the original design concept and make some changes that would better suit the positioning of lace on the dress...

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